Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

For Parents

We know you love to see your child excel and we want to help you empower them! Through our Just Touch 360 application, we provide access to career readiness tools and life enrichment tools to guide your child to the right opportunities enabling them to reach their full potential.

Individuals with Disabilities

Enriching lives

Understanding the challenges that individuals with disabilities face, Just Touch 360 empowers youth by assisting them in finding scholarships both locally and nationwide lifting the financial burden of attending college.


Partnership with Pathway to Citizenship

In partnership with Pathway to Citizenship, Just Touch 360 app will be able to assist immigrants/illegal aliens in becoming US citizens.  

Through the app, youth will gain direct access to Pathway to Citizenship resources and began the process of obtaining citizenship status!

Job Readiness

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

We know the importance of learning on the job skills. Through the Just Touch 360 app, youth will be connected to local businesses and given the opportunity to have on the job training. This real world experience will provide youth with skills that will prepare them for their future careers.