For Youth

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

At Just Touch 360, we strive to empower the lives of youth in our communities through our full service app. Our application is designed to provide youngsters with all the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow. We are happy to be a driving force behind the development of our children, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.


We care about your education and understand the challenges of paying for a college education. Per completing the online application through the Just Touch 360 App, you will have access to hundreds of scholarships which will help you achieve both your educational and career goals!

College Tours

Excited for college but want to get a real experience of what its like? Frustrated by the process of having to search for college tour dates? If you answered ‘yes’, than it’s time to download the Just Touch 360 App!

We will do the organizing and planning for you. Through the app your college tours can be coordinated and scheduled without the stress of having to search for them yourself. 

Unable to make it to the campus? No worries. We have virtual tours available which will make it feel as if you are right on campus. Get to see the college of your choice from the comfort of your own home!