Since 2007, we have nurtured our communities youth and provided them an opportunity to unleash their inner potential. Whether you’re interested in becoming a professional athlete or entering a health related career- we’ve got options that are suitable for everyone.


Through the application youth will have access to scholarships, job readiness, college tours and more! 


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High schools, and private schools all over the country are given initiatives by there state representatives or board of directors. These institutions of higher learning are responsible for compliance of initiatives:

In order for institutions of higher learning to comply with directions handed down by board of directors and/or state representatives high schools, private schools and Junior high schools seek out ancillary services:

  • Companies whom assist students with College Readiness.
  • Companies whom assist students with Mentorship.
  • Companies whom assist students with Tutorial Services.
  • Transportation companies etc.

Just Touch 360 has ancillary services and more all under one roof. How is this beneficial to schools?

  • Schools remain more organized in their approach to completing task handed down by the state or board of directors.
  • End of year state compliance will never be an issue or stressful for academic staff.
  • Just Touch 360 will provide Institutions with print outs of all attending students from each ancillary service: mentorship, college tours (consent forms inside tablet) mental conditioning, how many scholarships awarded etc.

JT360 platform require students to dig deep into their mental development by asking a series of thought-provoking questions, regarding themselves; to obtain a baseline understanding of who they are, and what they want to become (i.e) life aspirations. Our platform questioning provides “potential” career paths for students, after carefully answering and evaluating each question, to the best of his/her mental ability.

Just Touch 360 commitment after receiving answers from evaluation; is to create a navigational road map with an end point for young adults. Networking them into the “right” future opportunities, or networking them out of “bad” opportunities and into the correct opportunity. 


of all USA high school seniors have never taken college readiness course

  • Caucasian 45%
  • African American 45%
  • Latino American 51%

A college education has more return on investment for a graduate in the United States than any other nation.


of freshman drop out first year of college.


High school graduate earns 84% less than 4 year college graduate.


of college drop outs had no help from parents.


all college drop outs have a salary less than $35,000.